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部品番号 CM6565
部品説明 Noise Free 16 pin Self-Start Interleaved PFC
メーカ Champion Microelectronic
ロゴ Champion Microelectronic ロゴ 

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CM6565 Datasheet, CM6565 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
Noise Free 16 pin Self-Start Interleaved PFC with
180 Degree Phase Shift CRM PFC Controller for 90+/85+
The CM6565 is the industry first 16 pin self-start interleaved ‹
PFC with 180 degree phase shift CRM PFC controller for
total power supply system efficiency greater 90% or 85%. ‹
The CM6565 is like a combination of two 180 degree ‹
phase shift CM6561s plus a lot of light load efficiency boost ‹
functions. CM6565 gives the best noise free performance of ‹
the offline power supply. The desired frequency range for ‹
each PFC controller should be above 35KHz.
Mismatches between two boost converters for the ‹
interleaved PFC can be less than +/-5%.
Basically, it is like two 6561s work together with 180 ‹
degree phase shift plus light load improvements.
1. IAC (pin 1), Multiplier input pin: Current input instead of
Voltage input; it will enhance input current THD and the ‹
system will be less sensitive to the noise. The system can
reduce one resistor between ground and IAC, multiplier ‹
input pin.
2. IAC (pin 1), Multiplier input pin: During the start up ‹
condition (the VCC is less than UVLO, 13V), IAC is ‹
connected to VCC, and the RAC resistor (between VIN pin
and IAC pin) serves as a bleed resistor. Once the VCC is ‹
greater than UVLO, then, RAC resistor provides the sine
wave current from VIN pin to IAC pin. After VCC is greater ‹
than UVLO, the voltage of the IAC pin is around 1.4V.
Therefore, the RAC resistor can be served as a bleed ‹
resistor. Usually, the value of the RAC is from 4Mega to ‹
10Meg ohm.
3. IAC (pin 1), Multiplier input pin: During the start up, if the
system turn-on time needs to be fast, an external high ‹
voltage bipolar and a diode can be added for VCC during ‹
the start-up, once VCC is greater than UVLO, 15V, IAC pin ‹
will go low and turn off the high voltage bipolar.
4. For the fast load transient and line transient, a ‹
transconductance error amplifier has been implemented ‹
between the output pin VEAO and the input pin VFB to
replace the conventional OP. Since transconductance ‹
amplifier does not need the local feed back (OP needs the
local feedback); therefore, its VFB can fast and accurately
sense OVP condition not like traditional OP, operational
amplifier can not sense VFB for OVP.
Patent Filed #5,565,761, #5,747,977, #5,742,151,
#5,804,950, #5,798,635, #6,091,233
Industry first interleaved PFC with 180 phase shift
CCM for EMI filter but CRM for PFC boost diodes
Due to ZCS and about ZVS, it is about noise free
Design for LCD TV or 90+ power supply
Critical Conduction Mode (CRM) = ZCS with about ZVS
Current input multiplier, IAC (Patented)
For 90+ system, an LLC or SRC should be the PWM
For 85+ system, an Dual Forward or a half bridge should be
the PWM
At light load, PFC bulk will drop ~ 40V at low line and Slave
PFC will be disabled (Patented)
PGB pin also can be used to turn on the CM6900/CM6901
which is LLC/SRC controller for 90+ applications
VRMS does not need high voltage resistor; IAC determines
AC Brown out by comparing VRMS2 with 1.25V on and
1.0V off
No bleed resistor during the start up (Patented)
Can ON-OFF high voltage bipolar during the system start
up (Patented)
500mV Current Limit and about 130uS Current Loop Open
time out protection
Precision output over voltage protection comparator with
2.75V threshold which is 10% increased from 2.5V.
GM for Fast line and load transient response (Patented)
Soft Start pin at pin 6
Open control loop protection/Tri-Fault Detect Comparator
for UL1950 (Patented)
16.5V 50mA Shunt Regulator at VCC
Micro power start-up current (60uA Typ.)
Very low operating supply current (1.5mA Typ.)
Internal start up timer
1% precision 3mA Buffered 7.5V reference
Totem pole driver output current: 30ohm (VCC=15V)
sourcing current and 15 ohm (VCC=15V) sink current
16-Pin DIP/SOIC packages
2008/10/09 Rev1.0
Champion Microelectronic Corporation
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Noise Free 16 pin Self-Start Interleaved PFC

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