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部品番号 28F160B3
部品説明 3 Volt Advanced Boot Block Flash Memory
メーカ Intel
ロゴ Intel ロゴ 

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28F160B3 Datasheet, 28F160B3 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
3 Volt Advanced Boot Block Flash
28F004/400B3, 28F008/800B3, 28F016/160B3, 28F320B3, 28F640B3
Preliminary Datasheet
Product Features
s Flexible SmartVoltage Technology
— 2.7 V–3.6 V Read/Program/Erase
— 12 V VPP Fast Production Programming
s 2.7 V or 1.65 V I/O Option
— Reduces Overall System Power
s High Performance
— 2.7 V–3.6 V: 70 ns Max Access Time
s Optimized Block Sizes
— Eight 8-KB Blocks for Data,Top or
Bottom Locations
— Up to One Hundred Twenty-Seven 64-
KB Blocks for Code
s Block Locking
— VCC-Level Control through WP#
s Low Power Consumption
— 9 mA Typical Read Current
s Absolute Hardware-Protection
— VPP = GND Option
— VCC Lockout Voltage
s Extended Temperature Operation
— –40 °C to +85 °C
s Automated Program and Block Erase
— Status Registers
s Intel® Flash Data Integrator Software
— Flash Memory Manager
— System Interrupt Manager
— Supports Parameter Storage, Streaming
Data (e.g., Voice)
s Extended Cycling Capability
— Minimum 100,000 Block Erase Cycles
s Automatic Power Savings Feature
— Typical ICCS after Bus Inactivity
s Standard Surface Mount Packaging
— 48-Ball CSP Packages
— 40- and 48-Lead TSOP Packages
s Density and Footprint Upgradeable for
common package
— 4-, 8-, 16-, 32- and 64-Mbit Densities
s ETOX™ VII (0.18 µ) Flash Technology
— 28F160/320/640B3xC
— 4-, 8-, 16-, and 32-Mbit also exist on
ETOX™ V (0.4µ) and/or ETOX ™ VI
(0.25µ) Flash Technology
s x8 not recommended for new designs
s 4-Mbit density not recommended for new
The 3 Volt Advanced Boot Block flash memory, manufactured on Intel’s latest 0.18 µm
technology, represents a feature-rich solution at overall lower system cost. The 3 Volt Advanced
Boot Block flash memory products in x16 will be available in 48-lead TSOP and 48-ball CSP
packages. The x8 option of this product family will only be available in 40-lead TSOP and 48-
ball µBGA* packages. Additional information on this product family can be obtained by
accessing Intel’s website at:
Notice: This document contains preliminary information on new products in production. The
specifications are subject to change without notice. Verify with your local Intel sales office that
you have the latest datasheet before finalizing a design.
Order Number: 290580-012
October 2000

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3 Volt Advanced Boot Block Flash Memory

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