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部品番号 AD840
部品説明 Fast Settling Op Amp
メーカ Analog Devices
ロゴ Analog Devices ロゴ 

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AD840 Datasheet, AD840 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
Fast Settling Op Amp
Wideband AC Performance
Gain Bandwidth Product: 400 MHz (Gain 10)
Fast Settling: 100 ns to 0.01% for a 10 V Step
Plastic DIP (N) Package
LCC (E) Package
Slew Rate: 400 V/s
Cerdip (Q) Package
Stable at Gains of 10 or Greater
Full Power Bandwidth: 6.4 MHz for 20 V p-p into a
500 Load
Precision DC Performance
Input Offset Voltage: 0.3 mV max
Input Offset Drift: 3 V/؇C typ
Input Voltage Noise: 4 nV/Hz
Open-Loop Gain: 130 V/mV into a 1 kLoad
Output Current: 50 mA min
OSupply Current: 12 mA max
Video and Pulse Amplifiers
SDAC and ADC Buffers
OLine Drivers
Available in 14-Pin Plastic DIP, Hermetic Cerdip
Land 20-Pin LCC Packages and in Chip Form
ETEMIL-STD-883B Processing Available
bandwidth active filters. The extremely rapid settling time of the
AD840 makes it the preferred choice for data acquisition appli-
cations which require 12-bit accuracy. The AD840 is also ap-
propriate for other applications such as high speed DAC and
ADC buffer amplifiers and other wide bandwidth circuitry.
1. The high slew rate and fast settling time of the AD840 make
The AD840 is a member of the Analog Devices’ family of wide
bandwidth operational amplifiers. This high speed/high precision
family includes, among others, the AD841, which is unity-
gain stable, and the AD842, which is stable at a gain of two or
it ideal for DAC and ADC buffers, line drivers and all types
of video instrumentation circuitry.
2. The AD840 is truly a precision amplifier. It offers 12-bit
accuracy to 0.01% or better and wide bandwidth, perfor-
mance previously available only in hybrids.
greater and has 100 mA minimum output current drive. These
3. The AD840’s thermally balanced layout and the high speed
devices are fabricated using Analog Devices’ junction isolated
of the CB process allow the AD840 to settle to 0.01% in
complementary bipolar (CB) process. This process permits a
100 ns without the long “tails” that occur with other fast op
combination of dc precision and wideband ac performance
previously unobtainable in a monolithic op amp. In addition
to its 400 MHz gain bandwidth product, the AD840 offers
extremely fast settling characteristics, typically settling to within
0.01% of final value in 100 ns for a 10 volt step.
4. Laser wafer trimming reduces the input offset voltage to
0.3 mV max on the K grade, thus eliminating the need for
external offset nulling in many applications. Offset null pins
are provided for additional versatility.
The AD840 remains stable over its full operating temperature
range at closed-loop gains of 10 or greater. It also offers a low
quiescent current of 12 mA maximum, a minimum output
current drive capability of 50 mA, a low input voltage noise of
5. Full differential inputs provide outstanding performance
in all standard high frequency op amp applications where
circuit gain will be 10 or greater.
4 nV/Hz and a low input offset voltage of 0.3 mV maximum
6. The AD840 is an enhanced replacement for the HA2540.
The 400 V/µs slew rate of the AD840, along with its 400 MHz
gain bandwidth, ensures excellent performance in video and
pulse amplifier applications. This amplifier is ideally suited for
use in high frequency signal conditioning circuits and wide
Information furnished by Analog Devices is believed to be accurate and
reliable. However, no responsibility is assumed by Analog Devices for its
use, nor for any infringements of patents or other rights of third parties
which may result from its use. No license is granted by implication or
otherwise under any patent or patent rights of Analog Devices.
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