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部品番号 IS2015S
部品説明 Bluetooth 4.1 Mono Audio Speaker SOC
メーカ ISSC
ロゴ ISSC ロゴ 

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IS2015S Datasheet, IS2015S PDF,ピン配置, 機能
Bluetooth 4.1 Mono Audio Speaker SOC
IS2015S is a compact, highly integrated,
CMOS single-chip RF and baseband IC for
preliminary Bluetooth v4.1 with Enhanced
Data Rate 2.4GHz applications. This chip is
fully compliant with Bluetooth specification
and completely backward-compatible with
Bluetooth 3.0, 2.0 or 1.2 systems.
It incorporates Bluetooth 1M/2M/3Mbps
RF, single-cycle MCU, MODEM, UART
interface, and ISSC’s own Bluetooth software
stack to achieve the required BT v4.1 with
EDR functions.
To provide the superior audio and voice
quality, it also integrates a DSP co-processor, a
PLL, and a CODEC dedicated for voice and
audio applications.
For voice, not only basic CVSD encoding
and decoding but also enhanced noise
reduction and echo cancellation are
implemented by the built-in DSP to reach the
better quality in the both sending and receiving
sides. For enhanced audio applications, SBC
and AAC (optional) decoding functions can be
also carried out by DSP to satisfy Bluetooth
A2DP requirements.
In addition, to minimize the external
components required for portable devices, a
build-in class-D amplifier for audio output, a
voltage sensor for battery, battery charger and
LDO are integrated to reduce BOM cost for
various Bluetooth applications.
Support preliminary Bluetooth v4.1
function and backward compatible with
BT3.0, 2.0 and 1.2.
ISSC’s own Bluetooth software stack for
the headset or speaker application. It
supports following profiles :
- Hands Free 1.6
- Headset 1.1
- A2DP 1.2
- AVRCP 1.5
- SPP 1.0
Integrated 16/32 bits DSP core running up
to 72MHz that supports:
- Noise suppression
- Echo suppression
- SBC/AAC (optional) audio format
- Automatic volume control for mono
speaker output
Integrated a 20-bit 98dB SNR
( A-weighted) audio DAC
Connections to two phones with
HFP/A2DP profiles
Built-in four languages ( Chinese/
English/ Spanish/ French) voice prompts
Build-in a 2W class-D amplifier for audio
Capable charging voltage from an empty
battery and sustain a direct DC input
voltage up to 7V
Charging current up to 350mA
7 mm x 7 mm QFN 56 package
Bluetooth mono speaker
Bluetooth mono speaker phone
Bluetooth mono car audio unit
Phone: 886-3-577-8385
Website: www,
Draft 0.9 Mar 12, 2014.

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Bluetooth 4.1 Mono Audio SOC


Bluetooth 4.1 Mono Audio Speaker SOC

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