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TEA1530ATのメーカーはPhilipsです、この部品の機能は「SMPS Control IC」です。

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SMPS Control IC

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TEA1530AT Datasheet, TEA1530AT PDF,ピン配置, 機能
GreenChipII SMPS control IC
Rev. 01 — 18 May 2005
Objective data sheet
1. General description
The GreenChip™II is the second generation of green Switched Mode Power Supply
(SMPS) controller ICs. Its high level of integration allows the design of a cost effective
power supply with a very low number of external components.
The TEA1530AT can be used in Fixed Frequency converter designs for low voltage, high
current applications. At low power (standby) levels, the system operates in cycle skipping
mode which minimizes the switching losses during standby.
The proprietary high voltage BCD800 process makes direct start-up possible from the
rectified universal mains voltage in an effective and green way. A second low voltage
BICMOS IC is used for accurate, high speed protection functions and control.
The TEA1530AT enables highly efficient and reliable supplies to be designed easily.
2. Features
2.1 Distinctive features
s Universal mains supply operation (70 V to 276 V AC)
s High level of integration, resulting in a very low external component count
s Fixed frequency operation
2.2 Green features
s Cycle skipping mode at very low loads; input power < 300 mW at no-load operation for
a typical adapter application
s On-chip start-up current source.
2.3 Protection features
s Safe restart mode for system fault conditions
s Undervoltage protection (foldback during overload)
s IC OverTemperature Protection (OTP) (latched)
s Low and adjustable OverCurrent Protection (OCP) trip level
s Soft (re)start
s Mains voltage-dependent operation-enabling level
s General purpose input for latched or safe restart protection and timing, e.g. to be used
for overvoltage protection (OVP), output short-circuit protection or system OTP.

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TEA1530AT pdf, ピン配列
Philips Semiconductors
6. Pinning information
6.1 Pinning
GreenChipII SMPS control IC
Fig 2. Pin configuration: TEA1530AT
6.2 Pin description
Table 2: Pin description
supply voltage
protection and timing input
control input
programmable current sense input
MOSFET gate driver output
High Voltage Spacer
drain of the external MOS switch, input for start-up current
7. Functional description
The TEA1530AT is the controller of a compact flyback converter, with the IC situated at
the primary side. An auxiliary winding of the transformer powers the IC after start-up;
see Figure 3.
Objective data sheet
Rev. 01 — 18 May 2005
© Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. 2005. All rights reserved.
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TEA1530AT 電子部品, 半導体
Philips Semiconductors
GreenChipII SMPS control IC
7.5 Cycle skipping
At very low power levels, a cycle skipping mode activates. An internal control voltage
(Vsense(max)) lower than 25 mV will inhibit switch-on of the external power MOSFET until
this voltage increases to a higher value; see Figure 5.
7.6 Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM)
The IC operates in the so-called Fixed Frequency Continuous Conduction Mode (FF
CCM). Pin DRAIN should be connected to the rectified Vi voltage; see Figure 8.
7.7 OverCurrent Protection (OCP)
The primary peak-current in the transformer is measured accurately cycle-by-cycle using
the external sense resistor Rsense. The OCP circuit limits the voltage on pin “Sense” to an
internal level equal to 1.5V - Vctrl (also see section 7.3). The OCP detection is
suppressed during the leading edge blanking period tleb , to prevent false triggering
caused by the switch-on spikes.
7.8 Control pin protection
If pin CTRL becomes open-circuit or is disconnected, a fault condition is assumed and the
converter will stop switching immediately. Operation recommences when the fault
condition is removed.
7.9 Adjustable slope compensation
A slope compensation function has been added at pin CTRL; see Figure 6. The slope
compensation function prevents sub-harmonic oscillation in CCM at duty cycles over
50 %. The CTRL voltage is modulated by sourcing a (non-constant) current out of
pin CTRL and by adding externally a series resistor Rslopecomp. This increases the CTRL
voltage proportionally with the on-time, which therefore limits the OCP level. A longer
on-time results in a higher CTRL voltage, this increase in CTRL voltage will decrease the
on-time. Slope compensation can be adjusted by changing the value of Rslopecomp. Slope
compensation prevents modulation of the on-time (duty cycle) while operating in FF CCM.
A possible drawback of sub-harmonic oscillation can be output voltage ripple.
Objective data sheet
Rev. 01 — 18 May 2005
© Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. 2005. All rights reserved.
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GreenChip II SMPS control IC

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SMPS Control IC


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