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部品番号 TS2750J
メーカ ETC
ロゴ ETC ロゴ 
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TS2750J Datasheet, TS2750J PDF,ピン配置, 機能
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TS2750J pdf, ピン配列
Note: This service manual is only for professional service personnel’s reference. Before
servicing the unit, please read the following items carefully.
1 safety instruction
1.1 X-RAY radiation precaution
1.1.1 Excessive voltage will cause harmful X-ray. To avoid this radiation hazard, the high voltage should
fall within the limitation. The appliance works at AC 120V, 60Hz. The high voltage of zero beam current
should be within 29.0kV on condition that the main power (B+) voltage is AC135V. And it should not
exceed 30kV in any condition.
* Keep the main power voltage at 135V when checking the high voltage.
1.1.2 The primary source of X-RAY RADIATION is the CRT. The CRT of this TV set have gotten the
approval of safety authentication inspection. The replacement CRT should be exactly the same type and
specification CRT which has gotten a similar safety approval, and check the high voltage according to
the HIGH VOLTAGE CHECK procedure.
1.2 safety precaution
a. Since the power supply circuit of this receiver is directly connected to the AC power line, an isolation
transformer is necessary during dynamic service to avoid possible shock hazard.
b. Always discharge the graphite layer conductor when moving the CRT.
c. Disconnect the power cord before replacing parts.
d. When replacing high-power resistor, keep the resistor 10 mm away from the circuit board.
1.3 Component safety precaution
Many electrical and mechanical parts in the chassis have special safety-related characteristics. These
characteristics are often passed unnoticed by a visual inspection. Replacement parts which have these
special safety characteristics are identified in this manual and its supplement electrical components
having such features are shaded or marked by on the schematic diagram and the parts list. Before
replacing any of these components, read the parts list in this manual carefully. The use of substitute
replacement parts which do not have the same characteristic as specified in the parts list may create
shock, fire, X-RAY RADIATION or other hazards.
2.General instruction
2.1 Copy the standard model data to let EEPROM of the chassis have those data before placing it on the
unit, do “factory adjustment” if necessary. If use a blank EEPROM directly, you should preset IIC data
and then do other common adjustment. Refer to TABLE1 to preset EEPROM.
2.2 the adjustment should be done under following circumstances without additional instruction
a) Alternating current 120V/60Hz
b) Preheat at least 30 min
2.3The unit has auto degaussing circuit, the auto degaussing process can be finished within 1s when the
main power. only when turn on the unit at least 30min after last time turn off TV does the auto
degaussing circuit work.
2.4 If the CRT with magnetism affects color purity and convergence, when the auto degaussing
eraser. if the color purity and convergence are still not very good, then corresponding adjustment
should be done. Refer to picture tube adjustment method for adjustment.
3 Alignment instruction
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TS2750J 電子部品, 半導体
g) Adjust VR431 to minimize trapezoidal distortion
h) Exit factory menu
Fig-3 line scan adjustment
4.10 Sub-brightness adjustment
a) Receive PAL-D/K PHILIPS signal
b) Select “SB” of factory menu3
c) Adjust “SB” to let things between the sixth and seventh grey scale clear
4.11 OSD adjustment
a) Receive PAL-D/K PHILIPS signal
b) Select OSD H and OSD V of factory menu4. Adjust OSD H and OSD V to let OSD at a specified
c) Exit factory menu
4.12 Degaussing
a) The unit has and auto degaussing circuit, the degaussing circuit works several seconds after turning
on TV
b) If you want to move TV or change the direction, turn off TV and ten minutes later the degaussing
circuit will work
c) For better degaussing effect, you can use magnetic eraser
d) Move the magnetic eraser clockwise before your TV, when it is 2m away from your TV, turn off the
magnetic eraser. If the effect is still not very good, you can adjust “color purity” and “convergence”
4.13 Color purity correction
a) Turn on your TV
b) At least 15 minutes later, use anti-magnetized coil for degaussing
c) Obtain maximum brightness and contrast
d) Select factory menu3 and adjust to let R and B be zero, then let only green raster appear on the
screen at the moment
e) Loosen screws of deflection yoke frame to let vertical green belt appear on screen only
f) Move the rubber wedge
g) Rotate along neck of picture tube and slide color-purity magnets until the green belt at the middle of
screen and is vertical at the same time
h) Slowly move the deflection yoke backward of forward until the whole green raster appears on screen,
tighten the screws of the deflection yoke
i) Check the color purity of red raster and blue raster
j) Adjust white balance again to obtain white raster
4.14 Convergence correction
4.14.1 Central convergence correction
a) Turn on your TV
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There is a function of COLOR TELEVISION Manual.




The 82S126 and 82S129 are field programmable, which means that custom patterns are immediately available by following the Signetics Generic fusing procedure. 1K-bit TTL Bipolar PROM, Address access time : 50ns max.


This part is a darlington connection NPN silicon epitaxial transistor. The 2SD1695 is a Darlington connection transistor and incorporates a dumper diode between the collector and emitter and a constant voltage diode and protection elements between the collector and base. This transistor is ideal for drives in solenoid and actuators.

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