データシート TS2938 PDF ( 特性, スペック, ピン接続図 )

部品番号 TS2938
部品説明 500mA Ultra Low Dropout Fixed Voltage Regulator with Inhibit
メーカ Taiwan Semiconductor Company
ロゴ Taiwan Semiconductor Company ロゴ 
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TS2938 Datasheet, TS2938 PDF,ピン配置, 機能
500mA Ultra Low Dropout Fixed Voltage Regulator with Inhibit
Pin assignment:
1. Input
2. Inhibit
3. Gnd
4. N/C
5. Output
Pin assignment:
1. Output 8. Input
2. Gnd 7. Gnd
3. Gnd 6. Gnd
4. N/C
5. Inhibit
Low Dropout Voltage 0.6V max.
Logic Inhibit Control
General Description
The TS2938/A series of fixed-voltage monolithic micro-power voltage regulators is designed for a wide range of
applications. This device excellent choice of use in battery-power application. Furthermore, the quiescent current
increases on slightly at dropout, which prolongs battery life.
This series of fixed-voltage regulators features very low ground current (100uA Typ.), very low drop output voltage (Typ.
60mV at light load and 600mV at 500mA) and output inhibit control. This includes a tight initial tolerance of 1% (TS2938A)
and 2% (TS2938), extremely good line regulation of 0.05% typ., and very low output temperature coefficient.
This series is offered in 5-pin of TO-252-5L and 8-pin SOP-8 package.
Dropout voltage typically 0.5V @Io=500mA
Output current up to 500mA
Logic control electronic shutdown
Output voltage trimmed before assembly
-18V Reverse peak voltage
Block Diagram
+30V Input over voltage protection
+60V Transient peak voltage
Low quiescent current 100uA typ. (ON mode),
Internal current limit
Thermal shutdown protection
Ordering Information
Part No.
Operation Temp. Package
-20 ~ +85 oC
Note: Where xx denotes voltage option, available are
8.0V, 5.0V, 3.3V and 2.5V. Contact factory for
additional voltage options.
Absolute Maximum Rating (Note 1)
Input Supply Voltage (Note 2)
Operation Input Supply Voltage
Vin (operate)
Power Dissipation (Note 3)
Operating Junction Temperature Range
Storage Temperature Range
Lead Soldering Temperature (260 oC)
TO-252 / SOP-8 Package
-18 ~ +60
Internally Limited
-40 ~ +125
-65 ~ +150
2004/09 rev. A

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TS2938 pdf, ピン配列
Application Information
The TS2938/A series is a high performance with low
dropout voltage regulator suitable for moderate to high
current and voltage regulator application. Its 500Mv (typ)
dropout voltage at full load and over temperature makes it
especially valuable in battery power systems and as high
efficiency noise filters in post regulator applications. Unlike
normal NPN transistor design, where the base to emitter
voltage drop and collector to emitter saturation voltage
limit the minimum dropout voltage, dropout performance
of the PNP output of these devices is limited only by low
Vce saturation voltage.
The TS2938/A series is fully protected from damage due
to fault conditions. Linear current limiting is provided.
Output current during overload conditions is constant.
Thermal shutdown the device when the die temperature
exceeds the maximum safe operating temperature.
Transient protection allows device survival even when the
input voltage spikes above and below nominal. The output
structure of these regulators allows voltages in excess of
the desired output voltage to be applied without reverse
current flow.
Typical Application Circuit
Output Capacitor
The TS2938/A series requires an output capacitor to
maintain stability and improve transient response. Proper
capacitor selection is important to ensure proper
operation. The output capacitor selection is dependent
upon the ESR of the output capacitor the maintain
stability. When the output capacitor is 6.8uF or greater,
the output capacitor should have an ESR less than 2 ohm.
This will improve transient response as well as promoted
stability. Ultra low ESR capacitors (<100mohm), such as
ceramic chip capacitors may promote instability. These
very low ESR levels may cause an oscillation and/or
under damped transient response. A low ESR solid
tantalum capacitor works extremely well and provide
good transient response and stability over
temperature. Aluminum electrolytic can also be
used, as long as the ESR of the capacitor is <2ohm.
The value of the output capacitor can be increased
without limit. Higher capacitance values help to
improved transient response and ripple rejection and
reduce output noise.
Minimum Load Current
The TS2938/A series is specified between finite
loads. If the output current is too small leakage
currents dominate and the output voltage rises. A
5mA minimum load current is necessary for proper
Input Capacitor
An input capacitor of 1uF or greater is
recommended when the device is more that 4
inches away from the bulk AC supply capacitance or
when the supply is a battery. Small and surface
mount ceramic chip capacitors can be used for
bypassing. Larger values will help to improve ripple
rejection by bypassing the input to the regulator,
further improving the integrity of the output voltage.
Thermal Characteristics
A heatsink may be required depending on the
maximum power dissipation and maximum ambient
temperature of the application. Under all possible
operating conditions, the junction temperature must
be within the range specified under absolute
maximum ratings. To determine if the heatsink is
required, the power dissipated by the regulator, PD
must be calculated.
The below formula shows the voltages and currents
for calculating the PD in the regulator:
Iin = IL / IG
PD = (Vin-Vout) * IL + (Vin) * IG
Ex. PD = (3.3V-2.5V) * 0.5A + 3.3V * 11mA
= 400mW + 36mW
= 436mW
Remark: IL is output load current,
IG is ground current.
Vin is input voltage
Vout is output voltage
3-5 2004/09 rev. A


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